In Amsterdam annually they have a competition called the Cannabis Cup where the greatest cannabis strains are pitted  towards each other. In fact this type of tournament is growing to be very popular that numerous comparable contests have started to pop up on countries all over the world. There are in fact winners for many different classifications like the best indica and sativa classes. Clearly these plant seeds come to be really popular after receiving a reward and online sales go through the roof around this time. OG Kush is actually the most current entrant in this years competition and it’s rated by so many as the main possible winner.

Warlock is a popular strain as it is well known for its impact that make it the best daytime strain. Whenever you smoke this kind of strain you will instantly get the broadest of smiles spread across your face!  It seems that more and more farmers are choosing them on their grow operations, as word spreads about those seeds. Just what you may not know is this is actually one of the oldest strains of marijuana, and dates right back to the 1970’s and is an excellent choice for bong lovers of all kinds. Having it’s fruity smell and wonderful flavor those seeds are certainly a serious rival for the very best pot seeds on earth.


Opium is yet another well-known marijuana strain because of its strange high. Opium makes for a highly intense high which maintains with you from the beginning until the last part. This strain of pot doesn’t contain a crash like the majority of sprouts. Massive Buhhda Cheese is actually the most popular strain in the UK. This particular strain is primarily known for its unusual smell which emits a smell just like cheese.

Now, you have decided you wish to cultivate cannabis? Great! The next step to carry out is to find the best weed seeds available for sale to guide you on your way. Like a lot of other goods, you can find absolutely some version that happen to be much better than others, and it is just the same with cannabis. The good thing is the weed strains at Cannijuana have been rated in the best seeds in the marketplace.

Feminized cannabis seeds are made in a unique manner and are the latest rage to reach this market. It is worth noting that these are not easy to grow and consequently they demand more for them, yet as they are all female producing seeds it makes it beneficial. Once you actually figure out the attributes of these seeds you will discover just how much the cannabis sector is advancing at this time. These are by and large the offspring of feminized plants meaning you don’t need to waste time with male plants. But how exactly did they show up then? A female plant is crossed by using a male’s pollen and then sprayed with a silver mist and it’s also this which induces the all female seeds. If you take this specific specially feminized plant pollen and put it on your female plants it will eventually pollinate it and produce these seeds.